Sitting on top of the world – The Dolomite’s – Italy

A few years ago I completed a travel writer and photography course. The main impetus for doing so was that I have always favoured the idea of travelling the world and writing about it. Now I do.

When I am not travelling, my primary occupation is as a registered nurse with 45 years of professional nursing practice. For the past 25 years I have worked in the specialty field of gastroenterology, where for many years I was the charge nurse of the unit. I have also completed a Master of Health Sciences degree.

My interest in complimentary healing modalities began about 20 years ago. I studied several forms of natural healing which I have since incorporated into my practice of Accunect. This has enabled me to integrate the experience gathered from many sources, over a lifetime, with professional and very effective healing modalities. It gives me much joy to share the benefits of natural healing with others.  I now teach Accunect Connect and Accunect Selfcare. I take my skills with me on my travels and use my treatment practice in many locations around the world.

I have four children, several grandchildren, and one stepson; all grown up and living around the world, encouraged by me to travel and experience the life this world has to offer. I have travelled extensively and my travel destinations always inspire me to want to travel more.  I have been to the remote mountains of India and the Himalayas, to various Canadian and United States of America cities, England, and European destinations such as Spain, Italy, Croatia, Germany to name a few…. for visiting friends and for work. India, in particular, holds a deep connection for me and I travel there a much as I can for personal and spiritual growth, and enjoyment of the people and places.

I consider it a privilege to have visited such amazing countries and I’m always planning my next adventure!

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