Excerpt from the final Ladakh Story…. about to be published… read on!


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This has been an extraordinary adventure from day one. We have travelled to the four corners and directions of Ladakh and there is still so much to see. We have not trekked in the remotest valleys that is for the younger and more adventurous. None the less, that does not stop me from wondering ‘what is up that valley?’ as I stare towards the curves that disappear into the mountains. We had to bypass visiting the Dha Village and the Land of the Ancient Aryans due to a problem with the road but our experiences have been vast, varied and visually pleasing; there are no regrets. I hope the words in this series of stories whets your appetite for travel in Ladakh and I highly recommend organising your journey with Suresh Bahuguna from Lotus India Journeys Read more and book here

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