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divine gelato right on our local doorstep

A week ago we planned a trip to Sumner for my day off work and had a couple of nice things in mind to enjoy.  Where is Sumner – click here for map Sumner is a beautiful seaside suburb in Christchurch New Zealand.

Sumner, cactus, Clifton Hill, Norfolk Pine
Sumner and Clifton Hill from the beach

Bohemian Bakery to collect fresh bread

One of our tasks was collecting bread from the Bohemian Bakery in Sumner where we picked up a nice fresh bread which we had ordered by phone.  We also bought a nice snack for eating on the promenade by the beach.   Bohemian bakery website – great foodie pics too

Gelato and coffee

Then we headed towards a nook set back of the main street that houses the best gelato EVER! We have tasted gelato in Italy, Spain and other regions of the world and I have to say, the Gelato at Utopia Ice in Wakefield Street Sumner (Christchurch) would rival any of its competitors in these countries. Utopia website – under construction

Gelato, ice cream, coffee, Utopia Ice, Sumner, Christchurch
Utopia Ice advertising board at the gate

Manfred is a keen gelato man and if he gives it the thumbs up, then that is high praise for a quality, tasty, fresh and just plain yummy ice cream.

Yummy Gelato in Sumner

The flavours range from white peach with lemon verbena to sea salted chocolate and apricot with vanilla pod and everything in between. I even spied some popcorn and marshmallows mixed with some yummy gelato in the cabinet as we tasted from little wooden sticks before making our final choice.

We get our cones and sit in the garden facing the street which has had a promising makeover since the devastating earthquakes here about 7 years ago now. It was fun to sit on the love swing below the vines that carry still green tamarillo’s and beside the strawberry patch among the children’s little seats and an old church pew.

Gelato, Utopia Ice, Sumner Christchurch
Manfred enjoying his gelato on the love swing in the garden at Utopia Ice
The garden at Utopia ice
The garden at Utopia Ice with children’s chairs, umbrellas and nice plants, water bowls for dogs and a welcoming vibe

Other customers come and happily eat their gelato in the garden admiring the surroundings and looking relaxed in holiday mode. They even care for the animals with a bowl of fresh water.

Utopia Ice, Sumner, New Zealand
The street view of the garden at Utopia Ice, Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand
Utopia Ice, door to the shop, inviting you in
The door to the shop at Utopia Ice, inviting you in to sample and enjoy

Follow Utopia on facebook – click this link

Quoted from the ‘about us’ page on FB:  “Utopia Ice is a little ice cream shop striving to serve the best ice cream & sorbet in Christchurch using as much local and seasonal produce as possible! Truly handmade and unique flavours with only the good stuff.”

Inside Utopia Ice, gelato cabinet
Inside the shop and the gelato cabinet

I purchased a latte in my glass ‘keep cup’ and chatted with the owner while she told me of the nice organic whole milk that makes the coffee so yummy. They source only the best, freshest and tastiest ingredients and this makes the gelato and other goodies at Utopia Ice/Utopia Hot very sought after on a summer or winter’s day.

The Promenade

We walk to the esplanade where there is a great wide promenade that acts as a sea wall to keep the rough seas and high tides from ravaging the town. A rock wall sits above the sand and today the tide is out so a wide stretch of sand meets the waves a little way out where surfers and swimmers frolick in the summer waves.

Cave Rock, Sumner, Promenade
Cave rock and the promenade, Sumner NZ

We sit on a park bench there to eat our Poppyseed Kolache from the Bohemian Bakery and watch the world go by. Bohemian Bakery FB site – lots of photos

Fun lovers climb on Cave rock whilst bike riders, dog walkers, joggers and mums pushing babies, exercise along the promenade. The sun is hot, the waves look inviting and the scene is just sublime.

Scarborough Hill, Sumner, Promenade, Christchurch, New Zealand
From the Sumner esplanade/promenade towards Scarborough Hill
Promenade, Sumner Beach, Christchurch, New Zealand
The Promenade at Sumner beach – empty on this photo but often full of people on bikes, walking and running

Soon it is time to return home to chores and commitments which await us, but with happy smiles on our faces and a tummy full of good food and coffee.

If you are thinking of a visit to Sumner, Christchurch don’t go past the Utopia Ice and Bohemian Bakery, the beach and the promenade. These lovely places will fill you with delight and comfort making your visit memorable. We leave with promises not to leave our return to late and miss the lovely Sumner summer treats for another year.

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  2. Ice cream on a hot day is the best treat! The walk to the promenade and the beach seems really nice too! How nice would it be to take in the sound of the crashing waves!

    1. Thank you Michelle, the waves were but a whisper on this day, but when the tide is in and full – then crashing can be heard! 🙂 thank you!!

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